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safe1879469 artist:pwnagespartan54 hitch trailblazer4963 izzy moonbow9098 pipp petals7025 pegasus364610 unicorn401881 anthro295725 g523748 my little pony: a new generation12738 adorapipp685 angry30658 blushing224268 choker15541 clothes525541 cloud35259 comic118601 cute222878 dialogue74632 dress50620 duo93334 duo female15825 eyes closed110915 female1517214 hammer1889 height difference902 height supremacy34 high res76273 horn101361 izzy is tol24 izzybetes1392 larger female1015 madorable855 marelet28 open mouth179158 overalls1970 pipp is short203 screwdriver415 size difference16795 skirt45293 smaller female277 smol868 spread wings67021 sweater16299 thought bubble4066 tools270 turtleneck1645 wings153140 word balloon377 yelling3555


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Why do artists never comment on Pipp being thicker than everyone? It’s just being shorter.
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Don’t want to give a ‘free show’? Sell tickets then.
Condensed anger. I can imagine her using this ability to get into places through, say, air ducts or even keyholes. Though I pity those who will encounter her then.
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Wasn’t expecting this to have a follow-up, but it’s a good one.
It gets extra funny when you remember Izzy is the tallest of the group and Hitch can just call on Pipp’s sister.
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Sure, you just can’t do anything with them (especially when it gets windy) without showing what you have underneath (unless they’re skin-tight, then you can barely walk in the first place). You also get the sensation of your privates resting on the surface of whatever you’re sitting on and/or having to sit in a certain way so you don’t flash people.
Get serious now; skirts and dresses are just to show off legs and to let others “accidentally” peak your underwear, and that’s it.
Artist -

Hi, i just want to clarify that Pipp still wears her undergarments. “Pants” which she mentioned actually means shorts. I will make an update in advance to avoid ambiguity.
Background Pony #6905
Yeah, I never understood why women wear dresses or skirts in the first place.