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Originally posted on: May 11, 2019, 4:27 PM UTC
MLP Next Gen Adoptables Auction (CLOSED 00/06)
Maud Pie X Starlight Glimmer: CLOSED
Owner: CrystalPonyArt7669
Fluttershy X Rainbow Dash: CLOSED
Owner: jubeelise
Rarity X Fancy Pants: CLOSED
Owner: Alicornsheep
Twilight Sparkle X King Sombra: CLOSED
Owner: stormhawklovers1
Pinkie Pie X Pokey Pierce: CLOSED
Owner: icey-wicey-1517
AppleJack X Countess Coloratura: CLOSED
•reply to bid here comment and reply to the last highest bid
•all bids are final! pls do not back out unless absolutely necessary (so you need to have a reason why!)
•you are free to resell or trade them at the price you got them for, unless you got art of them! it would be nice to know if you do sell them!
•you are free to change them however you want!
•credit me for the design
•Let me always know who the owner is (in case of trade, selling, and gifted)
•Only closes when I feel I like it (but if nobody bid after 42 hours,then the last bid wins)
•I do Holds for 24 hours on this one!
•Any problems with my designs? note me! if one of this designs looks like yours I’ll try to change a few things(remember,I’m not a thief or something like it,I’m saying this just in case! for no problems!)
Bases By : MeiMisuki ElementBases
MLP belongs to: Hasbro(c)
safe1879711 artist:gihhbloonde551 artist:meimisuki114 oc787333 oc only583275 oc:sprinkle twinkle4 alicorn256783 earth pony321553 pegasus364727 pony1225679 unicorn402004 adoptable1950 alicorn oc30770 base used27114 bow34312 choker15547 clothes525638 coat markings7646 cutie mark51694 eyelashes19605 female1517390 food81132 glasses72500 grin47972 hair bow18984 hoof fluff2428 horn101387 jewelry81701 leg warmers2908 magical lesbian spawn13967 makeup27672 mare566790 markings2417 messy mane8609 necklace23724 offspring44965 open mouth179208 parent:applejack4644 parent:coloratura496 parent:fancypants934 parent:fluttershy5768 parent:king sombra1662 parent:maud pie489 parent:rainbow dash6617 parent:rarity5027 parent:starlight glimmer1715 parent:twilight sparkle9451 parents:flutterdash361 parents:rarajack231 parents:raripants645 parents:starmaud44 parents:twibra185 pink socks87 raised hoof55434 scarf26437 simple background463759 smiling302730 socks76146 socks (coat markings)4386 sprinkles429 striped socks23864 tiara4972 transparent background233003 unicorn oc18021 wings153175


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