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safe2088531 artist:sketchiix399 princess celestia109378 princess luna113505 twilight sparkle346202 alicorn296235 unicorn498892 :p13495 banana2543 bananalestia219 butt213055 canterlot castle2838 card game365 crossed hooves2732 crown27807 do you like bananas?90 dock66682 duo focus2080 ethereal mane12247 ethereal tail1577 featureless crotch8670 female1709370 food95139 herbivore2596 horseshoes2811 jewelry103702 lying down39940 on floor376 peytral6200 playing card757 plot132305 prone33125 regalia33632 royal guard10435 royal sisters6206 siblings18811 sisters15822 stained glass1735 sunbutt5570 tail83870 this will end in death3362 this will end in nightmare moon9 this will end in tears4111 this will end in tears and/or death2662 tongue out138761 trollestia850 uno128 uno reverse card28


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What Celestia? No hand mirror to look at your sister’s hand? Then again, given how reflective the floor is, you probably could just look down to see what is in Luna’s arcano-kinesis field.