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safe1861298 artist:sketchiix379 princess celestia100685 princess luna105025 twilight sparkle319933 alicorn253515 unicorn393798 :p10801 banana2188 bananalestia197 butt135570 canterlot castle2438 card game319 crossed hooves2280 crown21728 do you like bananas?80 dock56876 duo focus1087 ethereal mane9720 ethereal tail617 featureless crotch7606 female1500972 food79840 herbivore1640 horseshoes2432 jewelry80042 lying down26202 on floor241 peytral4361 playing card633 plot95186 prone28471 regalia25485 royal guard8741 royal sisters5177 siblings12267 sisters11034 stained glass1324 sunbutt4551 tail48902 this will end in death2807 this will end in nightmare moon5 this will end in tears3628 this will end in tears and/or death2435 tongue out118345 trollestia826 uno102 uno reverse card23


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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

What Celestia? No hand mirror to look at your sister’s hand? Then again, given how reflective the floor is, you probably could just look down to see what is in Luna’s arcano-kinesis field.