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safe1972542 artist:mkogwheel1052 edit156960 editor:quoterific6317 applejack187857 daring do6864 fluttershy238303 pinkie pie238658 rainbow dash259419 rarity203218 star swirl the bearded2223 starlight glimmer55344 thorax5079 twilight sparkle333035 oc837106 alicorn274639 changedling10438 changeling58463 earth pony361935 pegasus407116 pony1324491 unicorn446899 mlp fim's tenth anniversary589 friendship is magic3402 g118577 g21004 g37787 g47311 season 14535 season 92433 the last problem7173 spoiler:s091710 applejack's hat11915 bipedal43789 cowboy hat21945 element of kindness1328 eyepatch3585 eyes closed120851 female1604258 friendship is magic through the ages1 g1 to g44384 g2 to g4171 g3 to g41393 generation leap7943 hat109017 hub logo10185 impact font1712 king thorax3520 male460195 mane six35335 mare618877 mirror6454 older34176 older twilight2674 open mouth198011 open smile16584 princess twilight 2.03234 roller coaster360 smiling331524 stallion150333 treehouse logo603 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138608 twilight's castle4825 unicorn twilight26295


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