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safe1770665 artist:xnightmelody144 bon bon16785 lyra heartstrings30263 sweetie drops16786 earth pony274824 pony1030687 unicorn350885 abstract background16615 adobe imageready256 adorabon686 cuddling8659 cute208158 eyes closed100062 featured image919 female1419288 floppy ears55542 happy32618 hug29465 lesbian100142 lyrabetes1427 lyrabon3449 mare511439 on back25344 shipping207731 smiling267059 snuggling6635


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Background Pony #6DC8
@Phantom Rider  
I’d love it if they did so, and made Sea Swirl & Sassaflash the “official” LGBT+ couple on the show; that would be hilarious.
Meso Echo

MFW waiting for the shows creators to confirm lyrabon  
With LGBT+ couples in cartoons, SU has done it, LoK has done it, Adventure Time and Clarence has at least attempted it, come on hasbro, we’re waiting. :P