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safe1945642 artist:badumsquish2265 derpibooru exclusive33793 oc822964 oc only605619 unnamed oc2453 akaname28 monster pony4229 original species31065 pony1295391 :t4186 clothes549489 doorway500 eyelashes21022 eyeshadow21886 female1578992 french maid259 front view1290 full body5931 high res83900 imminent licking9 lidded eyes38088 looking at you212268 maid6904 maid headdress667 makeup30012 shadow5875 show accurate22931 smiling323431 smiling at you13177 solo1245727 standing17515 two toned mane3881


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My guess is that they live and walk among the ponies of the MLP-verse. Though the akaname species, according to Badumsquish, is native to Tartarus and either Aka or her ancestors escaped or emigrated for some reason and settled in the rest of the MLP-verse.
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I wonder if this is a cinematic universe where all the monster girls live? Starting to imagine one of the monster girls lured “Anon” to an out of the way abandoned Inn. He gets the idea he has to fix up it up as his new goal in life. He then has been having wacky hijinx with monster ponies “helping” fix it up. Harem anime style.

@Movingtarget productions
Possibly, especially if electrical signals traveling through wires (i.e. nerves) suffer through propagation delay, though it may be as low as 4 μs per km.
A somewhat unscientific test I’ve done shows that the human tongue can move at up to 50 mph, but I think that you’d be doing a far greater danger to yourself and others by speeding on residential roads. I say your best hope at that point is getting the fuzz involved to handle “Aka”.