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Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve!
16:9 format version link:
Updated in 2021, to include more characters!

Links to the Vectors used:
CaliAzian’s Derpy - >>1169602 | DeviantArt
90Sigma’s Twilight Sparkle - >>598127 | DeviantArt
DashieSparkle (Remul-Lemlem)’s Rarity - >>983940 | DeviantArt
DashieSparkle (Remul-Lemlem)’s Starlight Glimmer - DeviantArt
krazy3’s Rainbow Dash - >>211539 | DeviantArt
DashieSparkle (Remul-Lemlem)’s Fluttershy - >>1031029 | DeviantArt
Chimajra’s Pinkie Pie - >>1316111 | DeviantArt
Applejack - >>182872
CloudyGlow’s Spike - >>2031609 | DeviantArt
Reginault’s Sweetie Belle - >>1131721 | DeviantArt
DashieSparkle (Remul-Lemlem)’s Apple Bloom - >>1068395 | DeviantArt
scrimpeh’s Scootaloo - DeviantArt
90Sigma’s Celestia - >>567914 | DeviantArt
Shutterflyyay’s Luna - >>1344150 | DeviantArt
CloudyGlow’s Cadance, Shining, Flurry - >>1619791 | DeviantArt
krazy3’s Candy Cane - DeviantArt
(The background photo was found through google images. No source is known.)
safe1901750 artist:90sigma911 artist:astrumspark9 artist:caliazian183 artist:chimajra46 artist:cloudyglow2563 artist:dashiesparkle1426 artist:krazy327 artist:reginault193 artist:scrimpeh128 artist:shutterflyyay30 apple bloom54913 applejack183736 derpy hooves53022 fluttershy231723 pinkie pie233214 princess cadance35772 princess celestia102438 princess flurry heart8339 princess luna106607 rainbow dash253464 rarity198071 scootaloo54325 shining armor25248 spike85269 starlight glimmer53626 sweetie belle52156 twilight sparkle324875 alicorn261163 dragon67019 earth pony331224 pegasus374967 pony1249245 unicorn412234 apple bloom's bow2209 applejack's hat11071 baby11801 baby pony7584 balloon11325 bow35143 christmas16549 christmas tree4878 cowboy hat20660 cute225843 cutie mark51753 cutie mark crusaders20378 daaaaaaaaaaaw5489 derpy star75 eyes closed113397 female1538597 filly79761 floating4592 flying44627 foal24231 group4802 hair bow19543 hat102809 hearth's warming998 hearth's warming tree124 holiday25503 irl76102 lying down28604 male435873 mane six34486 mare579161 open mouth184036 photo86819 ponies in real life5934 prone29507 sitting74439 snow15977 stallion138926 the cmc's cutie marks4910 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky997 tree38750 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134826 vector82340 wallpaper19647 winged spike9121 wings159042 winter5227


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