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safe1898251 artist:aleximusprime1707 artist:drewdini125 cozy glow8519 gallus7745 ocellus5896 sandbar6052 silverstream6805 smolder9279 yona5640 oc797759 oc:king kriegspiel10 oc:queen kriegspiel10 alicorn260516 changedling9748 changeling55475 dragon66759 earth pony329865 griffon31075 hippogriff11363 pony1245836 yak5336 dream of alicornication38 flurry heart's story306 alicorn amulet2040 alicorn oc31249 alicornified6296 anklet1220 cozy glow's true goal54 cozycorn823 crown22777 evil3343 evil smirk89 eyes closed112994 female1535400 filly79604 glowing9616 glowing horn23647 high res78533 horn104941 jewelry83805 male434784 mare577383 necklace24229 parent572 ponyville6604 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency512 pure unfiltered evil1855 race swap16892 regalia26905 smug7254 stallion138372 student six1783 wings158145


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