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Commission for TK 756 Wolf of Pinkie Pie trying to brighten up Floor Bored’s day. Was given quite a bit of freedom with this one and came up with this delightful exchange.
semi-grimdark33497 artist:scraggleman403 pinkie pie238707 oc837359 oc:floor bored605 earth pony362184 pony1324974 balloon11795 chips926 dark comedy709 dialogue80324 doritos252 duo118309 female1604756 floating4972 food87833 frown28840 implied suicide212 looking down11924 mare619126 open mouth198122 open smile16622 sad28497 scratching569 smiling331677 speech bubble32141 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky1030 varying degrees of want945


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Background Pony #F516
Considering all the impossible cartoony nonsense Pinkie gets up to on the regular, I think it’s safe to say that she’s an outlier and probably shouldn’t be taken into account for what an average pony should be capable of.
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According to my brief search, the average female pony in real life weighs about ~375 pounds and a balloon filled with helium can lift about 0.03 pounds. Based on this it would take somewhere in the ballpark of 12,000 to 13,000 balloons to hang herself depending on her weight.
TK 756 Wolf

For the Empire!
I can imagine the glorious Pink one’s attempts at interdicting Floor from her goal of “forever sleep”. Outstanding work, tired art horse! <3
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