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xmas picture redraw
safe1947565 artist:mirroredsea586 apple bloom55878 scootaloo55155 sweetie belle53047 earth pony351411 pegasus395659 pony1297335 unicorn434635 adorabloom3453 apple bloom's bow2483 bow36810 christmas16742 christmas stocking852 clothes550228 cute232258 cutealoo3405 cutie mark crusaders20748 diasweetes3343 eye clipping through hair10603 eyebrows14501 eyebrows visible through hair7492 female1580700 filly83075 hair bow20790 happy37701 high res84220 holiday27142 lights1052 looking at you212638 micro10366 open mouth193422 open smile15044 redraw2560 smiling323961 smiling at you13261 trio15967 trio female3534 weapons-grade cute4240 ych example4609 your character here15506


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