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How to make a perfect mane ?
To wash! Dry and comb! Shake the bangs!
#MLP #MLPG5 #MLPFIM #art #draw
safe1945508 artist:fanzeem89 rainbow dash257141 zipp storm8475 pegasus394822 pony1295263 g536459 my little pony: a new generation13560 bust65765 chest fluff51913 comb694 duo107013 duo female18727 eyebrows14427 eyebrows visible through hair7471 eyes closed117997 female1578885 hair dryer213 hair over eyes1462 high res83893 mare603717 messy mane9011 open mouth193025 open smile14914 raised hoof58607 smiling323393 sparkles6283 spread wings73141 towel4359 towel flossing40 unshorn fetlocks34975 water droplet61 wet9790 wet mane5815 wing hands2473 wings168967


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Background Pony #1E0B
@Background Pony #9380
Looks like four to me, you can see how wide her wing grip is to accommodate the extra ones. The motion blur is also only present at the tips, not the body of the dryers. And I see what you did there, lol
Background Pony #1E0B
Jesus, Dash, with four hairdryers people are going to accuse you of being Rarity!