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“What can be better then a hot coffee, while wearing a cozy scarf your friend have gifted you?”
safe1945510 artist:severity-gray275 twilight sparkle330021 alicorn269673 pony1295271 alternate hairstyle32928 blushing234657 bust65765 clothes549428 coffee4498 coffee mug1646 eyeshadow21883 high res83893 implied shipping6082 implied tempestlight116 looking at you212236 magic85133 magic aura6308 makeup30008 mug5317 ponytail22196 scarf27729 simple background490252 solo1245628 transparent background243087 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137286


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Background Pony #3CAB
Can I (the only human in Equestria) hug the sexy & cute book horse without her or her friends trying to have sex with me every six minutes?