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dead source25449 safe1767526 artist:elenaboosy37 princess celestia97242 rainbow dash240133 shining armor23763 twilight sparkle308137 bed42827 book34915 egghead314 female1416578 golden oaks library5264 lesbian99993 night27773 oscar wilde6 picture1379 reading6478 shipping207418 sleepover383 sylvia plath1 telescope825 the bell jar1 the picture of dorian gray2 twidash5366 window9080


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Background Pony #990D
In this picture the moon is depicted as larger in size than equestria based upon the evidence of its shadow upon the moon. If its mass is also greater, it is reasonable to assume that the planet they life on is actually the moon while he moon is the planet, barren and dead. One could go further to assume that perhaps the planet was full of live and ponies were forced to terraform, and migrate to, the moon for a yet to be explained reason… Hmmm, I think I have a fanfic idea now.