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twilight idly flicked through some scrollwork on her desk before realizing what had been bothering her: she had not seen starlight all morning, and everything was quiet. she shrugged and resolved to take advantage of it wile she could
if you’ve got any ideas for some more silly historical glim, let me know, havent had many ideas as of late
safe1920299 artist:t72b1094 starlight glimmer54051 pony1267733 unicorn420732 a6m2 aircraft carrier54 akagi1 clothes540493 goggles16088 hat104139 high res81109 historical roleplay starlight87 ijn akagi1 imperial japanese navy6 mitsubishi a6m zero8 ocean8935 pearl harbor6 pilot372 plane3158 solo1226345 world war ii903


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Imagine Glimmy as Joseph Broz Tito. The man trolled Nixon by smoking a Cuban cigar personally given to him by Castro. When he was told that smoking wasn’t allowed indoors, he said “Good for you.” and continued to puff away.
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Go fsck yourself
If you need some good ideas for who Glimmy should play, maybe check out the Biographics channel. Simon’s done probably hundreds of videos on “interesting” historical figures, from Old World antiquity to modern times.
Personally, I think Glimmy as Idi Amin would be…frightening, if done properly. Ever seen the movie The Last King of Scotland? The basics of the plot are based around that psycho.
Or you could go really dark, make her into Ilse Koch, a.k.a. The Bitch of Buchenwald.