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Bubble Belle
safe1916962 artist:heretichesh1549 apple bloom55220 sweetie belle52430 earth pony337820 pony1264670 unicorn419106 :t4150 bubble6674 bubble wand80 duo100283 female1552607 filly80818 floppy ears62212 grayscale42810 hoof hold10272 magnetic hooves87 monochrome161038 nervous sweat153 sweat32038 trapped1013


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Background Pony #EA1D
bubble jail! just what that spoiled little unicorn needs. applebloom, dont help her in escaping, just leave her there for a few 100000000000 months or so
Background Pony #154E
That weightless bubble sure is strong with being able to lift a filly who weighs around 10-20 kilograms.
Yeah almost like it’s based on cartoon logic or something.