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suggestive154050 artist:annon2437 edit141545 edited screencap71124 screencap235636 sunset shimmer66977 equestria girls215647 equestria girls series36646 holidays unwrapped2547 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15528 big breasts91043 bimbo5035 bimbo shimmer156 breasts302999 busty sunset shimmer6017 clothes498598 ear piercing30069 earring23649 female1455216 hooped earrings362 huge breasts42435 jacket14113 jewelry74615 piercing45923 solo1143471 thighs16796 thunder thighs9833 wide hips19612 winter outfit1678


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Wild Zontars

I miss unicorn Twilight
I know it’s officially “bimbo Shimmer”, but the way she fills out the outfit makes me think “aged-up and augmented MILF Shimmer”
Background Pony #8FE8
Yes like principal cinch and twilight sparkle from friendship games please