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safe1707522 artist:keevs1 applejack (g1)617 bowtie (g1)306 firefly1700 medley267 moondancer (g1)288 twilight600 g114571 2010s100 2011188 80s1090 arm behind back6101 belly button77974 belt5521 blonde hair566 blue eyes5110 boots22052 bow28672 clothes460045 cowboy boots1527 cowboy hat15898 cowgirl589 crossed arms5104 dark skin4582 denim shorts706 dress44574 front knot midriff1363 green eyes4239 gym shorts300 hands on hip695 happy31254 hat86938 high heels11235 human coloration5201 humanized100103 leg warmers2458 midriff19333 multicolored hair5578 pink hair1252 ponytail17917 shadow4121 shirt24949 shoes36774 shorts13991 simple background393859 smiling248792 sneakers5039 socks66399 sweater vest420 t-shirt4425 teal hair13 tied shirt17 watermark16192 white background98013 white hair407


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Fizzy the G1
Artist -

I really like this! This is better than Equestria Girls for sure! (Even though I like equestria girls) I like the different skin colors and 80's outfits.
Background Pony #11AB
I love that they have different body types and skintones as well as being more than one race.