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safe1918992 artist:scribble-potato70 applejack184737 fluttershy233200 izzy moonbow10958 pinkie pie234511 pipp petals8917 rainbow dash254872 rarity199254 sunny starscout10203 twilight sparkle326879 zipp storm6885 earth pony338525 pegasus382558 unicorn420149 g530081 my little pony: a new generation13233 cup7430 eyebrows13747 eyebrows visible through hair7178 female1554475 figurine1841 glass5630 happy36838 in-universe pegasister196 mane six34657 mare588072 phone9258 smiling315360 toy23639


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Trixie Is Innocent
I believe that we are seeing this from Hitch’s POV.
Anyway this is a very joyful and cozy image of friendship in it’s purest form. <3