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Goodbye to a big part of my life, and goodbye to an amazing show with great characters. Thank you My little pony friendship is magic, please watch the speedpaint on my channel DarkDoubloon TV
#MLPSeriesfinale #mlp #MLPFiM #mylittlepony #friendship #TwilightSparkle
safe1787306 artist:darkdoubloon21 applejack175869 fluttershy220566 pinkie pie223192 rainbow dash241894 rarity188489 twilight sparkle310557 alicorn239369 earth pony281517 pegasus323784 pony1098401 unicorn357855 the last problem6283 applejack's hat9149 blushing210298 clothes489525 cowboy hat18052 crown18689 element of generosity974 element of honesty961 element of kindness1094 element of laughter976 element of loyalty1153 element of magic2485 elements of harmony2537 hat93486 jewelry72205 mane six32995 older28599 older twilight2043 open mouth161914 ponytail19575 princess twilight 2.02705 regalia22103 scarf24545 smiling273292 stars16933 stetson5113 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128067


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