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izzy and pinkie were meant to be bffs :(
#mlpg5 #mlp #FANART #pony
safe1972486 artist:ponchik_art5 izzy moonbow14013 pinkie pie238658 pony1324468 unicorn446887 g540964 my little pony: a new generation13853 blushing238834 bracelet12764 cute236468 dialogue80287 eye clipping through hair10987 eyebrows15384 eyebrows visible through hair7819 female1604240 figurine1912 friendship bracelet364 glowing12593 glowing horn25497 grin53039 horn117412 izzybetes1808 jewelry91346 mare618868 smiling331519 solo1268971 speech bubble32112 unshorn fetlocks36367


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