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Izzy’s talent [part 2]
Part 1 >>2746252
safe1974623 artist:fanzeem92 izzy moonbow14088 sunny starscout12859 earth pony362848 pony1327035 unicorn447919 g541208 my little pony: a new generation13871 bag7554 ball5024 behaving like a dog1556 cute236818 duo118738 eyes closed121055 female1606237 horn117758 horn impalement899 impossibly large horn95 izzybetes1821 mouth hold21262 open mouth198351 saddle bag7238 simple background503260 speed lines452 stack114 tennis ball1417 that pony sure does love tennis balls76 unshorn fetlocks36503 white background130769


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Background Pony #49B8
I can relate. I too love playing with tennis balls, just like a dog.
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Background Pony #9988
The first thing that went through my mind when seeing this was hearing the Engineer’s “Yippie-kay-yah! Yee-ay-eeyaah! Kai-yo!” XD
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Background Pony #D4BF
Strangely we have never seen a pony actually play tennis.. Or a racquet.
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