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I want these two to bond over their love for music, they seem like they would be good friends XD
safe1971493 artist:sockiepuppetry207 hitch trailblazer8060 pipp petals12032 earth pony361422 pegasus406586 pony1323336 g540867 my little pony: a new generation13846 adorapipp1927 blushing238633 cellphone6295 chest fluff53304 cute236188 duo117650 eyes closed120707 female1603178 friendship1514 headphones9368 hitchbetes369 hitchpipp158 listening345 listening to music90 male459790 mare618258 markings2757 music3686 music notes4119 open mouth197755 phone10021 sharing163 sharing headphones66 shipping229734 smartphone4078 stallion150107 straight159559 tail66282 tail wag1311 unshorn fetlocks36310


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Loving fan and shipper
@Background Pony #DEF9
Thank you!!
I think it’s not just a case about overzealous shipping, but also a case on how male/female interaction is interpreted when it’s friendly.
You have this Hitchsprout piece, which looks obviously romantic, and isn’t the only Hitchsprout piece the artist has made. Yet it wasn’t tagged as shipping when it was posted. I had to add the tag myself.
Then you have this pic that’s tagged as Hitchzipp when it doesn’t look romantic in the slightest.
It’s so commonly assumed that a guy and a girl MUST be more than friends if they get along particularly well. It can happen with gay ships too in certain shipping circles, but with men and women it happens in fandoms and in real life. And it’s not just sad when it happens, it’s also sad when it’s called out and people still miss the point. Which is why not enough people question this kind of stuff on Derpibooru.
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Background Pony #DEF9
in my experience ppl are too obesssed and aggressive/defensive when it comes to shipping. There’s no appreciation or respect for good friends anymore - it’s all impulsive zealous rushing to pair x with y on even the most mundane and trivial aspects.
Shipping comments are practically spam - they’re so cringey, repetitive, and formulaic.
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Loving fan and shipper
Look, I love this ship to bits, but it doesn’t sound like the Hitchpipp tag applies when the artist explicitly says they want them to be good friends
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