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safe2209861 artist:pwnagespartan99 izzy moonbow22485 pipp petals21989 pegasus512933 unicorn555690 anthro368426 g579496 my little pony: a new generation14945 adorapipp3346 balloon13282 choker22238 clothes650289 cloud44582 compass190 cute271076 dialogue96294 dress63668 duo184169 duo female35574 female1843646 hammer2301 height supremacy37 high res410015 horn210857 horn impalement988 implied hitch trailblazer183 izzy impaling things176 izzy is tol107 izzybetes2774 larger female2016 lesbian119742 marelet64 overalls2546 paint2426 paint can119 pipp is short684 pipp is smol206 screwdriver540 ship:moonpetals39 shipping258979 size difference22552 skirt57352 smaller female899 smol1419 thought bubble5529 tools338 winged humanization10232 wings233378


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Background Pony #D38C
If Pipp is around 150cm I’m gauging Izzy to be around 170cm to 180cm.
So you’re saying 6ft vs 5ft?
If I remember my anatomical proportions for people, a head is about 8ins…so I’d peg this as more like 6ft vs (about) 5’4” - 5’6”
This just makes Izzy look really tol, rather than making Pipp look smol.
Background Pony #D38C
I’ll be hoenst I really like this anthro. Wish the artist can do more soon. Homework calls, though (likely HS. See Twitter link).
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(Foil Hat)
Sunny would be up to the horizontal pencil, and according to word of god or a book or something Zipp would be up to the visible button on Izzy’s overalls. Subsequently, Pipp would just barely reach the hammer in Izzy’s pocket. Hitch would be somewhere between the two pencils, while Alphabittle would be as tall compared to Izzy as Izzy is compared to Zipp. Sprout would be at Izzy’s shoulder, Phyllis slightly shorter, and Haven shorter again by the same amount. A pegasus doorway would reach the tuft of Izzy’s hair near the thought bubble, an earth pony door would reach the tape ring, and unicorn doors I wouldn’t know. The Neo CMC would reach the three horizontal yellow lines, at best.