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safe2085798 artist:miokomata1002 fluttershy248765 rainbow dash269390 pegasus456346 pony1444583 ahegao31886 bipedal46787 blushing256453 butt212394 cargo ship582 cute251522 dancing10530 dot eyes521 duo147901 female1706588 floating heart5497 floppy ears68900 flutterbutt7591 fluttermop60 freckles40155 freckleshy379 grayscale46801 heart69374 implied flutterdash249 implied lesbian4488 implied shipping6710 mare681877 monochrome169995 mop348 open mouth218353 plot131937 shipping241980 shyabetes18161 simple background556119 sketch78299 sketch dump3781 tongue out138491


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Background Pony #9AB5
Fluttershy thinking that the broom is discord
Fluttershy be like: oh discord please that’s too much.
And when rainbow dash sees she’s like: Fluttershy that’s just a broom not discord I think I need to take you to the or a asylum for a bit