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You guys knew it would come >w<
I love MLP and was really anticipating the new animated movie w and I loved it!
It’s a nice movie to enjoy with your whole family and the characters are so wholesome. I made this wallpaper of the previous generation with the new generation up front. Can’t wait to see what will come next w
safe1973120 artist:fleshcreature5 applejack187897 fluttershy238363 hitch trailblazer8086 izzy moonbow14044 pinkie pie238718 pipp petals12082 rainbow dash259520 rarity203277 sunny starscout12822 twilight sparkle333115 zipp storm9470 alicorn274741 earth pony362249 pegasus407418 pony1325220 unicorn447215 g541055 my little pony: a new generation13861 critter magnet229 epic1462 female1604934 flying47462 implied animals1 implied critters1 male460479 mane five (g5)2472 mane six35342 mare619242 spread wings75580 stallion150496 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138635 wings175452


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