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safe1973260 artist:xsatanielx892 princess celestia105148 princess luna109315 alicorn274759 pony1325340 absurd resolution71609 cake11549 cakelestia1225 chest fluff53430 crown25013 cute236619 cutelestia3994 duo118407 duo female20425 ethereal mane10853 eyes closed120924 female1605058 floppy ears64599 food87843 fork1087 glowing12633 glowing horn25523 happy38416 herbivore2108 horn117528 jewelry91445 lunabetes3980 magic86578 magic aura6825 mare619290 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary228 one eye open250 open mouth198170 open smile16630 regalia29885 royal sisters5628 siblings15401 simple background502558 sisters13285 smiling331762 starry mane5929 strawberry1302 telekinesis34290 that pony sure does love cakes75 white background130535


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