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Only time Sunny told stories of scary pegasi and unicorns to the others.
My drawing for Halloween. Nightmare Moon means Halloween, right? XD
safe1944972 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1062 fluttershy235694 hitch trailblazer7275 nightmare moon18744 rainbow dash257099 rarity201118 sprout cloverleaf1872 sunny starscout11632 earth pony350218 pony1294562 unicorn433257 g536370 my little pony: a new generation13551 colt17593 colt hitch trailblazer142 colt sprout cloverleaf66 fake alicorn95 fake horn1042 fake wings960 female1578295 figurine1895 filly82885 filly sunny starscout314 flashlight (object)681 male450106 mare603460 scary story16 stallion145412 toy23810 trio15909


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