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more Queen Chrysalis as the tall lady
featuring Cadence as Jill Valentine
safe1946193 artist:jargon scott2833 princess cadance36374 queen chrysalis38733 shining armor25639 alicorn269769 changeling57629 changeling queen20822 pony1295857 unicorn433887 black and white15236 cadance is not amused122 clothes549661 costume34723 crying49800 dress52863 ethan winters (resident evil)7 female1579469 flyswatter96 grayscale43567 halloween11371 halloween costume2880 hat106390 jill valentine52 lady dimitrescu101 male450649 mare603987 monochrome162678 resident evil 877 shining armor is a goddamn moron174 shiningcadance3059 shipping227225 simple background490553 spanking3065 stallion145596 straight157247 unamused20163 white background126738


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I took it to mean that Shining started out on his own initiative as James Sunderland, until Chrysalis barged in as Lady Dimetrodon and forced some bandages on his hooves for her own amusement.
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