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Watched My Little Pony: A New Generation not too long ago and absolutely LOVED it. I’m really looking forward to the series and am curious to see how they tackle it going forward!
General thoughts of G5 below!
I loved the art direction, the cast, the SLAPPING music, the themes and hard slapping down on bigotry, and the fact that it relied very VERY little on G4 (I was worried that they’d use it as a crutch and not let this new generation stand on its own merits like the last generation deserved to, and liked that it was more of a general set-up or loose sandbox to spring off of). I’m already working on G5 ponysonas, I dug it that much.
Even thought Izzy is still my favorite by a small margin (there goes Kimiko Glenn stealing my heart with her excellent performances again), I adore all of the Mane5 and regularly flit between them. I plan to make these doodles a series; only got Hitch left to finish!
Sunny is a BEAUTIFUL ACTIVIST SUNSHINE GIRL. I accept our new alicorn goddess with open arms, she’s doing great.
The only thing I’m apprehensive about is the movie kinda glossing over the local manchild Sprout like they did with similarly garbage “redeemed” characters in the last generation. I’m hoping they don’t push the terrible “be friends with everyone, even the most toxic and evil people who actively work to harm you or others!” message, especially with the implications they’d be broaching if they did try to focus on milking sympathy or pushing redemption for a dude who literally sparked a race war. But I’m going to withhold judgment of that until the series comes out and we get more time to explore the new generation properly. There were a lot of things G5 really stumbled on, so I hope the writers learn from that and do better or just outright avoid the same trends this time around.
Seriously, just have Sprout continue to be the hilariously pathetic little twerp that he is and get continually dragged by the other vastly better characters. Why can’t we have characters that just get continually punished for their own stupidity?? That’s comedy gold, which would fit with the really funny atmosphere the movie had going anyway!


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