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Bye bye, G4
I can’t wait to see how G5 turns out!
(I started this picture right after I watched the new movie, and I’m working on a G5 companion drawing)
safe1946345 artist:cutepencilcase572 applejack186373 fluttershy235821 pinkie pie236708 rainbow dash257195 rarity201226 twilight sparkle330089 alicorn269797 earth pony350765 pegasus395130 pony1296038 unicorn433974 blushing234754 cheek fluff7687 chest fluff51963 colored pupils11750 cute232077 eyes closed118048 female1579604 floppy ears63494 hatless2316 high res83937 leg fluff3805 mane six35020 mare604075 missing accessory9129 open mouth193157 out of frame254 panels89 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137323 unshorn fetlocks34997


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