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I watched the Steven Universe movie for the first time a few days ago and this song reminded me of pony princesses so here they are lol

safe2089914 artist:nintheclipse7 princess celestia109424 princess luna113550 twilight sparkle346353 alicorn296468 pony1448820 spoiler:steven universe384 spoiler:steven universe: the movie145 bedroom eyes77743 blushing257099 crossed horns280 crown27858 female1710661 hair over one eye12149 horn134915 horns are touching850 jewelry103878 lesbian113769 looking at someone12053 mare684576 movie reference948 personal space invasion1167 peytral6247 polyamory7765 regalia33698 shipping242410 smiling367165 song reference4069 spoilers for another series1663 steven universe1694 steven universe: the movie204 trio22750 trio female4736 twilestia2746 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144303 twiluna1678 twilunestia317


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Well, this pic gave me an idea.
She had assured her that it would be done and over in no time like any other assignment from the princess, and that she would return. That she’ll be back when it’s done. But she didn’t. Even after the Nightmare moon incident was resolved, she was nowhere to be seen anywhere on Canterlot.
Every night, Moondancer waited and waited as the years went by at the canterlot library’s non fiction section, their usual meet up spot. She would occasionally see her best friend in the papers as the element of magic, alongside her “other friends”… So happy without her in ponyville.
How cool was that? Her best friend becoming an element bearer and saving Equestria with her best friends, eventually ascending into an alicorn? But she couldn’t help but tear up, the emptiness of her heart growing larger as she couldn’t deny it anymore. She was left behind. Abandoned by the so called princess of friendship.
She laughed as tears rolled down her face. This was perhaps the best joke Twilight had pulled on her. Getting ditched by the princess of friendship of all ponies? She kept laughing, but her expression failed to mask the emotional turmoil inside her. Soon, she didn’t feel like laughing anymore.
……Well played, princess. How cruel of you. How hypocritical of your title. Did you really forget, or did you just not hesitate at all to cast me away? Was I not good enough for you? Fine then. Just let me have a second chance. Because I think I know just the right magical artifact for you…
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You saved her sister from both of her personal demons, saved the world multiple times, and united the various races. You’re definitely gonna get some VERY sincere thank-yous from them tonight.