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Looks like Kerry and Cassette caught a case of the Darling-itis! None can resist the call of darlings once it infects you! Soon enough two fabulous marshmallowy ponies have been created, ready to show their stuff, be glamorous, and find more darlings to spread their magic to~
safe1878666 artist:dustyerror12 artist:kparote224 rarity196223 oc786701 oc:cassette36 oc:kerry1 avian220 human181549 pony1224526 unicorn401574 assimilation223 character to character627 cloning22 clothes524733 collaboration5915 darling650 dialogue74597 dress50595 duality4658 duo93216 emanata585 female1516430 floating heart4038 furry5982 furry oc1351 furry to pony96 glasses72444 heart55711 human oc708 human to pony1518 kneeling10273 male to female1294 mare566248 mental shift144 mind control3914 music notes3799 open mouth179031 open smile10241 pants17348 pink background4051 purple background3981 rule 6329240 saddle2336 self ponidox9064 simple background463122 sitting72934 smiling302377 spiral background8 sweater16291 swirly eyes2586 tack5624 tongue out119800 toy23372 transformation12771 transgender transformation2075 twinning140 underhoof58306


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