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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Late Riser, Happy Birthday to you!
Baby Late Riser’s first birthday. When I made a few pictures about Fluttershy and Big Mac’s first and last children a year ago, it was just some ideas I had wanted to get out for awhile, but right after that I saw an empty spot in my Halloween picture that was just perfect to put little Late Riser into and he’s been creeping into pictures ever since.
You can find the pictures I made for Late Riser’s birth here:
Alternate version:
Original: >>2467466 (warning:blood. I got a wild idea to make this less sanitized and sterile and people really didn’t seem to like it. Looking at it now, I definitely went overboard with it.)
See you all for Halloween!
safe1785585 anonymous artist2993 applejack175751 big macintosh29213 fluttershy220415 pinkie pie223041 rainbow dash241713 rarity188355 twilight sparkle310322 oc732321 oc:late riser50 earth pony280935 pegasus323115 pony1087119 unicorn357137 series:fm holidays197 baby10927 baby pony6990 birthday cake967 birthday candles85 birthday gift520 birthday party93 cake10282 candle5130 colt15867 confetti2065 eyes closed101601 family4628 female1434107 fluttermac3085 food75120 frog (hoof)14536 hat93343 highchair148 lineless4194 male399754 mane six32991 mare518961 no pupils4363 offspring42064 parent:big macintosh3479 parent:fluttershy5315 parents:fluttermac1531 party1919 party hat2540 party horn737 present6180 shipping209544 silhouette2661 sitting67536 smiling272636 stallion121264 straight143388 sugarcube corner2486 underhoof55235


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