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Sunny! 💖 I started to work in the movie with this character, in a very different early version of this one, @borjalgaliano and his team was changing the design and the model during the most part of the look development process, which was very helpful to gave us a good perspective of the character since the beginning. After a lot of back and forth we finally came to this version, the base on which we established the style of the rest of the characters. ⠀
safe1917960 artist:jonatancatalan24 sunny starscout10126 earth pony338196 pony1265574 g529667 my little pony: a new generation13219 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5914 braid7502 coat markings8251 colored hooves8367 eyebrows13716 female1553528 gradient background16267 looking at you207123 mare587514 missing cutie mark5375 my little pony: a new generation logo396 raised hoof57262 smiling315048 smiling at you12163 socks (coat markings)4807 solo1224848 standing17060 tail57896 tail band201 teal eyes270 unshorn fetlocks33909


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This movie has helped me in many ways with my life. I became a pony fan in 2008 approximately. I loved G3. Generation 4 had a good story and wonderful morals. Yet life got in the way. The letter that is sent in a candle hot air balloon was what got me. My absolute favorite part of the movie. Around the Camp fire.
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I love all these high detail renderd so much. She’s sooooo cute, and you can see individual hairs in her fur, aaaaaaa <3