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“for #ponytober day 13’s “villainous” prompt, i did my own take on evil twilight
I’m really liking doing these, I get to do really rough and experimental pieces https://t.co/FraD12yUiy

semi-grimdark35278 artist:applejackofalltrades93 twilight sparkle349966 alicorn303071 pony1548515 g41933948 g566665 my little pony: a new generation14500 the last problem7836 corrupted3403 corrupted twilight sparkle768 dark5373 dark background1572 ethereal mane12783 evil3774 evil twilight487 female1744892 glowing17500 glowing eyes14887 glowing horn28205 high res103301 horn173204 implied sunny starscout195 mare706810 older37809 older twilight3202 out of character1231 princess twilight 2.03657 that magic was not yours to give38 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146105


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Background Pony #11EB
Maybe next time, don’t give a neurotic control freak authority over a country?