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suggestive151625 alternate version52990 artist:dandy199 rarity188355 unicorn357141 anthro276289 unguligrade anthro51641 areola19952 areola slip2094 bedroom eyes63054 belly button83559 bra16878 breasts296932 cigarette4113 cleavage36421 clothes488824 explicit source5043 female1434119 garter belt3894 gloves21664 hair over one eye9616 hand on hip8004 high res36321 lingerie11100 long gloves6451 looking at you181758 mare518968 panties52289 raripanty184 shoes40256 solo1121866 solo female187284 stockings35348 thigh highs39610 underwear63707


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Manually Breathing
With the theme being art-deco, from the 1910-40s, a woman smoking was seen as sexy, and a sign of her being as powerful as any man.
A ~1920s Rarity would definitely smoke during social events.