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element of harmony
Ponytober day4
topic source twitter.com/NinnyDraws/status/…
safe1919740 artist:sion554 applejack184765 fluttershy233246 pinkie pie234556 rainbow dash254920 rarity199306 twilight sparkle326942 alicorn264509 earth pony338802 pegasus382787 unicorn420486 applejack's hat11282 big crown thingy2699 cowboy hat20960 cute228417 element of generosity1125 element of honesty1109 element of kindness1262 element of laughter1122 element of loyalty1304 element of magic2851 elements of harmony2655 eyes closed115205 female1554961 hat104106 jewelry86027 magic83739 magic aura6108 mane six34664 open mouth187636 ponytober215 regalia27700 telekinesis32798 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135750


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