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Spike and Scootaloo are to be wed, but this time, she’s a dragon! She’s also carrying six eggs. Her parents are excited to be grandparents and are supportive of their new dragon daughter.
A finished request for Chazkopa on DeviantArt
I hope you enjoy!
safe1765897 artist:mintymelody171 mane allgood275 rainbow dash239947 scootaloo52123 snap shutter288 dragon59469 anthro272220 clothes481097 dragonified1709 dress46468 female1415203 implied scootaspike5 implied shipping5242 implied straight5510 marriage1357 pregnant13590 pregnant scootaloo187 request4005 scootadragon45 species swap20844 wedding1500 wedding dress1919


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With the few debating on scootaloo turning into smolder when chances spike got smolder pregnant when before those debating on rainbow dash adopting scootaloo when rainbow dash gets help from windy whistles along with bow hot-hoof in rainbow dash raising scootaloo like she was her own daughter.