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She’s just worried of older sister’s figure and are busy with destroying the cause of her weight gain but got caught now. Hopefully Tia are not able to send her to Moon any more due that big weight.
safe1974678 artist:soobel152 princess celestia105206 princess luna109367 alicorn275067 pony1327081 belly36287 big belly16428 butt180108 cake11559 caught3952 curtains3250 cutie mark52112 eating11740 eye reflection923 fat26132 food87934 frog (hoof)17506 glowing12702 glowing horn25563 horn117766 huge belly6655 huge butt13539 large belly1335 large butt25951 levitation14294 looking back74260 magic86661 moonbutt4295 morbidly obese9402 obese13762 open mouth198367 open smile16679 plate2332 plot116644 princess moonpig673 raised hoof60017 reflection4096 smiling332193 solo1270865 spoon1678 telekinesis34327 underhoof61880


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