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When Princess Luna first became Nightmare,she must be very sad .I added some process diagrams and some pictures I like.
safe1974596 artist:paipaishuaige186 nightmare moon18946 princess luna109365 alicorn275044 pony1326996 bat wings14038 crown25059 crying50521 ear fluff41803 fangs33349 hoof shoes7581 hybrid wings378 jewelry91574 leg fluff3940 lightly watermarked367 mid-transformation142 regalia29939 s1 luna7969 slit pupils6252 solo1270789 spread wings75678 transformation13710 unshorn fetlocks36495 watermark21008 wings175769


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Princess Luna did nothing wrong, all she wanted was her sister’s love.
And Princess Celestia didn’t know what kind of result the Elements of Harmony would have when the Mane Six confronted Nightmare Moon.
It could have been a much different story had the blast not sealed away the negative energy itself.
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