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Artist’s description:
“I haven’t been active since university is taking all my time but, when the movie came out I took a break and fell in love with the whole cast (yes, even Sprout, he looks like a character who can change)
Anyway, here’s a Sunny I did during my break.”
safe1974137 artist:doggie3127 sunny starscout12850 earth pony362701 pony1326507 g541169 my little pony: a new generation13870 backwards cutie mark4199 badge1726 bag7549 braid7936 coat markings9237 colored hooves8954 eye clipping through hair11051 eyebrows15450 eyebrows visible through hair7836 female1605875 fluttershy's cutie mark325 looking back74232 mare619668 open mouth198294 rainbow dash's cutie mark354 raised eyebrow7953 raised hoof59998 satchel469 signature35173 simple background503060 smiling332004 socks (coat markings)5428 solo1270437 transparent background248522 twilight sparkle's cutie mark365 unshorn fetlocks36464


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