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safe1921199 artist:chub-wub629 applejack184833 fluttershy233368 hitch trailblazer6391 izzy moonbow11154 pinkie pie234637 pipp petals9178 rainbow dash254998 rarity199402 spike85871 sunny starscout10425 twilight sparkle327071 zipp storm7107 alicorn264800 bear1894 cat7438 dragon68604 earth pony339373 pegasus383346 pony1268655 rabbit6787 unicorn421187 g530956 my little pony: a new generation13311 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5919 ;p537 absurd resolution70432 animal5978 applejack's hat11292 bipedal42436 cowboy hat20980 critter magnet216 cute228655 female1556319 g4 to g5272 hat104196 male442446 mane five (g5)2020 mane seven7216 mane six34676 mare589173 one eye closed38486 selfie4059 simple background481267 stallion141494 tongue out123988 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135803 white background123772


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Young Leosword
Sunny next to Twilight and Spike instead of just Twilight makes me think of an absurd theory: Sunny’s mom is a dragon. There’s no Spike in G5 because… XD
Background Pony #427F
Sunny: “Look! your kingdom already collapse and nopony remembers you anymore!”
Twilight and Spike: “What the…!?”
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