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Don’t worry, these are herbivores!


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In case your wondering, Arthropleura was a 2.3 metre long millipede thing that lived 300 million years ago. It was most likely really slow, and crap at turning, and most likely didn’t bother with chasing anything. Mammals didn’t even exist then.

Also, fluttershy is braver than any of you pansies. (if you are not a pansy, I apologize profusely).
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Nay. It’s too soft-looking to be a Zerg. A Zerg would have a tougher, more rigid carapace and a pair of fanged mandibles.
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Arthropleura and THANK GOD IT’S EXTINCT. The things grew easily longer than a full grown human male. Even if it was a herbivore, I would probably be able to kill you with ease.

The only good thing is, today’s atmosphere doesn’t have enough concentrations of oxygen to support that.
If it was alive today.. I’d Nope so hard and commit suicide right away.
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