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safe1677901 big macintosh27931 derpy hooves49698 dj pon-328994 doctor whooves10662 lightning dust4466 princess luna98007 soarin'13811 spitfire13256 time turner10657 trixie66416 vinyl scratch28994 wild fire893 bat pony48213 pony940406 idw15024 official7441 armor23327 comic107156 cover2870 epic1360 night guard1808 royal guard7576 sibsy445 wonderbolts3569


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Background Pony #83F4
I haven't seen this comment anywhere yet, so,
"some sort of epic pony war in the distant future". Ahem. HINT, HINT.
Background Pony #5820
I think people are forgetting so far, these covers have had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL COMICS! Even the ones made from actual panels from the comic don't often actually hint at the content.
Background Pony #4F0B
What we got to see of what she was doing during the first comic arc was pretty awesome, and she's supposedly going to be defending Ponyville in issue 8.
Background Pony #7CFE
I'm really trying to understand the consistency of the characters chosen here. They just kinda seem random.
Background Pony #16F4
Should have called Gilda. They are dealing with a Horse Monster afterall.
Background Pony #D1D1
Personally, I just don't think Luna looks good wearing gold. Or gold with silver trim. It just doesn't look right to me.