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semi-grimdark35225 artist:conmanwolf343 artist:thatonetrickpony5 scootaloo57802 pegasus470896 pony1477873 fanfic:pegasus device106 fanfic:rainbow factory1725 g41925739 absentia137 alternate ending668 black clothes24 black hoodie61 black suit65 blood30504 dark5363 evil3767 evil grin6171 evil scootaloo100 eviloo34 factory341 factory absentia15 factory scootaloo312 female1738481 furrowed brow210 glowing17158 glowing eyes14853 good end?28 grin59938 gritted teeth18520 in the rainbow factory2 lighting732 liquid rainbow221 long neck1360 mare702360 no escape21 oh no465 older37754 older scootaloo3018 orange body56 orange fur319 purple eyes5316 purple mane1766 rainbow factory au13 rainbow factory worker13 rainbow factory worker scootaloo18 shading3851 short mane1511 signature41431 small ears22 smiling376317 solo1380884 spectra195 stained glass1788 teeth19497 the tables have turned109 walking7103 wall of tags6265 window12977 writing1485


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