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Check the source for the original 80 MB png and viwrastupr’s description!
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Here are all the individual pieces that make up this work. A list of close-ups is at the bottom.  

Close-ups: (top to bottom)  
>>1359174 Gabby  
>>1359993 Gilda  
>>1372030 Spitfire, Soarin’, Fleetfoot  
>>1366430 Cadance  
>>1358549 Derpy Hooves, Blossomforth, Cloud Kicker  
>>1357763 Cloudchaser, Flitter  
>>1357498 Roseluck  
>>1376786 Luna  
>>1375924 Celestia  
>>1369771 Vinyl Scratch  
>>1367608 Octavia  
>>1361044 Lyra, Bon Bon  
>>1362414 Caramel, Toffee  
>>1363464 Dr. Whooves  
>>1364358 Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Minuette, Twinkleshine  
>>1373179 Starlight Glimmer, Trixie  
>>1355367 Zecora  
>>1356363 Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom  
>>1359492 Big Mac  
>>1362075 Chrysalis
safe1971899 artist:viwrastupr562 angel bunny10698 apple bloom56385 applejack187819 big macintosh31309 blaze367 blossomforth1539 bon bon17823 caramel2716 cloud kicker2266 cloudchaser4111 daisy2799 derpy hooves54014 discord34776 dj pon-331567 doctor whooves11439 fancypants2227 fleetfoot2431 fleur-de-lis4255 flitter3245 flower wishes2802 fluttershy238212 gabby2886 gilda10623 greta476 gummy5414 lemon hearts2424 lily2181 lily valley2181 lyra heartstrings32158 minuette6467 moondancer5559 octavia melody26005 opalescence2254 owlowiscious2113 philomena1153 pinkie pie238620 princess cadance36732 princess celestia105100 princess flurry heart8607 princess luna109270 queen chrysalis39070 rainbow dash259367 rarity203158 raven896 roseluck5672 scootaloo55495 shining armor25876 soarin'15143 spike87297 spitfire14666 starlight glimmer55328 sunburst8006 surprise3032 sweetie belle53457 sweetie drops17823 tank2957 tantabus565 time turner11433 toffee88 tree of harmony781 trixie74686 twilight sparkle332970 twinkleshine2536 vinyl scratch31567 winona2680 zecora10443 oc836774 oc:fausticorn1629 alicorn274507 changeling58443 dog12102 dragon72207 griffon32875 pegasus406829 phoenix1957 pony1323815 timber wolf1629 zebra20959 2017637 absurd file size2734 absurd resolution71585 alicorn amulet2094 alicorn hexarchy11 apple19115 astronomical detail1 backwards cutie mark4192 bag7518 balancing1233 balcony1659 beautiful6924 book39316 bookshelf4772 bow38185 bow (instrument)991 bridge1394 canterlot6477 canterlot castle2632 canterlot five29 canyon155 cape12877 castle2500 castle griffonstone17 castle of the royal pony sisters878 cello2969 cello bow416 cloak5624 clothes559348 cloud37850 cloudsdale1476 clubhouse964 color porn1110 colored pupils11838 crib627 crown24964 crusaders clubhouse893 crystal ball590 crystal empire2595 cup7736 curved horn9054 cute236290 cutie map807 cutie mark crusaders20908 daily deviation43 drink6530 element of magic3025 epic1462 everfree forest2353 eyes closed120783 fascinating19 father and child1667 father and daughter3194 featured image1066 female1603623 filly84819 flower32802 flower trio623 flying47404 foal29628 food87756 friends836 fruit1347 glass5886 glasses77425 glowing12579 glowing horn25492 goggles16483 grass12681 griffonstone299 group5545 hair bow21511 hat108960 horn117318 jewelry91295 lake1844 large wings2067 lidded eyes39037 light1917 looking at each other27615 lying down32837 magic86496 magnum opus1 majestic775 male459926 mane seven7350 mane six35328 mare618535 masterpiece103 mountain6531 mountain range807 mouth hold21220 multicolored hair8940 multicolored tail2229 musical instrument13670 necktie9123 night32878 night sky2269 open mouth197889 park1318 path534 pillow22492 playing1737 poison joke911 pond1011 ponyville6929 potion2640 prone30818 pulling902 puzzle worthy7 raised hoof59867 reading7299 regalia29828 river2379 rose4689 salad439 scarf28570 scenery9300 scenery porn980 school2077 self ponidox9530 sitting78656 sky19140 sleeping26739 smiling331337 solar system64 spread wings75461 stage3628 starry night846 stars19920 statue2833 surprised11282 swarm145 sweet apple acres3476 table11286 tail66367 technically advanced114 telekinesis34250 the cmc's cutie marks5034 the hall of friendship28 tiara5621 tree41446 trixie's cape4685 trixie's hat5577 trixie's wagon1237 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138583 twilight's castle4823 underhoof61773 uniform13620 wall of tags5416 water18856 waterfall1992 wings175151 wonderbolts4064 wonderbolts uniform6692 zecora's hut750


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Resident Lurker
I must say, that to me…
this is the single greatest artwork published on Derpibooru ever.
Spectacular job!

This is, truly, a masterpiece in every sense of the word. There are so many things I could say about this, but my favorite part is how so many pictures, lives and stories are woven into one beautiful masterpiece.
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@Background Pony #287A  
Yeah…I don’t much like most of the fandom anymore, but this was definitely one of the good points. I seriously considered buying the giant cloth print of it at BC 2019, but 1) it was more than I wanted to spend, and 2) I don’t really have any place to put something like that. So I’ll just settle for the art, lol.
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