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“The weekly royal weigh-in is a big deal, especially since a few pounds can change the political landscape of the entire kingdom.” ~ LordStormCaller
suggestive173328 artist:lordstormcaller132 princess celestia105205 princess luna109367 alicorn275065 anthro316507 unguligrade anthro58513 series:the royal sisters saga38 bbw5109 belly36285 belly button95968 big belly16428 big breasts107249 bikini22429 bra19325 breasts344187 chocolate4026 chubbylestia1039 clothes560560 dialogue80508 duo118744 duo female20478 expansion1053 fat26132 female1606282 females only15169 fetish49345 food87934 high res86882 looking at each other27672 muffin top617 obese13762 overweight440 panties57715 princess moonpig673 royal sisters5630 scales1535 siblings15443 sisters13316 speech bubble32250 swimsuit34788 teasing4628 the ass was fat18640 thighs22504 underwear70962 weight gain5201 wide hips24635


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