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nopony said:
We should definitely see Princess Celestia and tell her about Solar Flare, and generally, what happened in Midgard.
While in Solar Flare’s homeland, you decide that now is a good opportunity to fulfill the promise you made to him. And so, you make your way westward to Canterlot Castle.
As you arrive, a couple of guards idle on either side of the gate to the entrance. You explain your request to one of the gatekeepers, and after a short trip inside, he returns, and bids you follow him.
Apple Basket: “Hold on, we’re goin’ to meet the princess? Right now?! Shoot, uh, h-how does my mane look? Should I be wearin’ somethin’ nice? Or uh, anythin’ at all? Hayseed, I’m buck naked and I’m already sweatin’!”
Moonflower: “Heehee! Relax, you’re fine! We’re just here to chat.”
You nod in agreement, and give the colt a reassuring flank bump. As soon as you reach the throne room, however, your breath is taken away by its sheer beauty. From the cascades of crystalline fountains, to the giant stained glass depictions of Equestrian history, your eyes cannot help but wander from the imperial purple runner that leads up to the dais.
By the far wall, next to the vacant moon-crested seat of her sister, sits Princess Celestia in all of her royal glory. Your party bows respectfully before her, and she addresses you with a caring, motherly tone.
Celestia: “Welcome, my little ponies. What brings you here today?”
You greet the princess, and tell her that you have come to bring a friend home. You present Solar Flare’s insignia, which is soon enveloped in golden magic, and carried over to her.
You give Solar Flare’s Insignia to Celestia.
After reading the name on the insignia, surprise flashes in the princess’s eyes. Then, an unreadable gaze returns to you.
Celestia: “Where did you find this, if I may ask?”
You nod, and with the help of your friends, you begin to recount the journey that lead you here, starting with your chance meeting with a siren…
Once caught up, Celestia takes a moment of silence to collect her thoughts.
Celestia: “While the tale of the Paladins of Dawn is a tragic one, I am pleased to learn that it is finally over. For his selfless dedication, and his ultimate sacrifice, Solar Flare will be remembered as a true hero of Equestria — of that you can rest assured.
As for the ponies of Midgard, I look forward to welcoming their visitors into our land, and hope to improve our relationship with their new leaders, whenever they are ready to speak with us.”
Feeling as though you could hardly wish for a better outcome, you thank the princess for listening to your tale.
Celestia: “It is I who should thank you. All three of you have risked much to prevent a disaster from befalling Equestria; one that even I was unaware of.
I now realize that our first meeting was no mere coincidence. Somehow, Discord must have taken interest in you and your quest. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he’d been secretly following you along your journey.
And I must say, I can only share his enthusiasm. Few ponies are willing — let alone able — to face the dangers that lie beyond our borders. If there is any way I can help such brave, young heroes, then I would like to hear it.”
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