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Looks like we’re on a roll here. It seems we’ll be having a doubling installment next month (maybe a triple or quadruple? who knows!) of Sunburst spending quality “family time” with his big sister Sunset Shimmer - who keeps giving Starlight Glimmer too much information. Can’t wait? Join us on Patreon to see it before anypony else!
Special thanks for Terminal Hash and the anonymous derpibooru user who posts hilarious and inspirational roleplays in the comments of my comics. As always, higher resolutions of these comics can be found on Patreon.
>>2695371s (merged)
suggestive149846 artist:tardifice817 artist:terminalhash234 editor:wild stallions96 starlight glimmer50096 sunburst7061 sunset shimmer65336 pony1025804 unicorn348838 comic:the first incestuous foal of sunset shimmer33 my little porno: friendship with benefits128 every little thing she does962 absurd resolution67541 brother and sister4534 explicit description135 explicit source5022 faic12631 female1415178 implied masturbation900 implied sex6252 implied shimmerburst2 implied sunburst132 implied thorax36 incest14088 library3324 looking at you177939 mare509127 patreon13015 photoshop3796 preview2002 raised hoof49157 reaction610 reaction image9595 shocked7331 siblings9809 speech bubble24756 starlight glimmer is best facemaker69 sunny siblings75 twilight's castle4123 twilight's castle library338


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