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Hitch? More like appleshy baby. Re-upload for misspell.
safe1917745 artist:chub-wub626 applejack184687 fluttershy233124 hitch trailblazer6099 earth pony338135 pegasus382109 pony1265424 g529567 appleshy1336 blushing230823 chest fluff50521 colt17322 colt hitch trailblazer131 cute228179 female1553399 g5 to g4611 grin49974 headcanon2621 high res80981 hitchbetes317 jackabetes6953 lesbian106478 looking at each other26152 magical lesbian spawn14186 male441316 mare587446 markings2553 mother and child3673 mother and son3473 offspring45605 orange background1113 parent:applejack4699 parent:fluttershy5860 parents:appleshy101 shipping224621 shyabetes16384 simple background480215 sitting75344 smiling315009


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Background Pony #654A
izzy moonbow is pinkie pie  
sunny starscout is twilight sparkle  
hitch is appleshy  
pipp petals is rarity  
zipp storm is rainbow dash
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